Fixit is a maintenance and tracking application designed to centralize tasks, alert, assign, and verify fixes for properties, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and more.

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Greenlight gives back control of key decisions to the family spanning purchases, investments, and philanthropic requests through an easy to use interface that adds clarity and efficiency.

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Source is the comprehensive interface for supporting a family’s operations. With a place for everything, families and service providers can reference the same information in real time originating from the source.

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Under Development


Takeoff enables teams to plan and execute travel aboard private aircraft and facilitate flawless travel for families and their guests.


Spotless combines detailed housekeeping checklists assigned to properties and rooms with an ability to report and address problem items using photographs as a reference.


Palate collects feedback on every meal and helps chefs, in both small and large kitchens, manage menus, recipes, and ingredient sourcing.